Engagement rings

Remember that moment he proposed during bended knee? Or that celebratory dinner where he surprised you using a engagement ring? Whatever your unique experience is behind that engagement ring of yours, something is bound: it becomes an important gift you will treasure forever. So apart from wearing it in your ring finger all the time for the world to determine, how can you look after this love gift from your special one? Follow this advice to assist you prolong the life and brilliance of the diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings

Obtain a ring insurance.

Obtaining insurance coverage for your ring is ideal since this is a prized possession. Check out insurance companies devoted to jewelry possessions. Make sure to browse the policies and insurance terms carefully before you sign any agreement. Not to mention, make it a point to understand the specific conditions that are included in the plan. Can it cover theft, accidental loss, or injury to ring? Before getting your ring insured, though, be sure you prepare all the necessary documents you'll need, for example ring certification in the jewelry store, ring appraisal, and an image of it.

Clean your engagement ring carefully.

Cleaning your ring regularly is just practical if you'd like it to remain looking brilliant and free from everyday dirt. Soaking your ring in warm water combined with liquid detergent is a useful as well as simple approach to care for your gift. Besides this mixture, you can also make a solution of ammonia and cool water (in equal parts). Make use of a soft brush to wash the ring carefully and rinse it within the solution afterwards. There are also some specialized jewelry cleaning product solutions you should check out on the market.

Be mindful in storing your ring.

In order to avoid scratches within the ring, apply for someone storage box that may maintain your present from clashing along with your other jewelry pieces.

Purchase professional care.

Be sure you bring your ring regularly (twice a year is good) to the jewelry shop to utilize professional inspection and cleaning. Aside from cleaning and restoring back the brilliance of your gift, you may also make use of the procedure to understand the condition of the stone and also the prongs on your ring setting. Check out the jewelry shop the location where the ring was bought for discounts or special promos offered. Who knows, you might be lucky to obtain a free cleaning service included as soon as your partner purchased your gift.

Know when to take off your ring.

Engagement rings

Up to you wish to display your gift, know when it is simply practical to consider it off for quite a while. If you are doing effort or finishing some chores at home, spend some time to remove your ring for some time and store it in a safe and secure location. You surely wouldn't would like your show be missing doing his thing or risk it getting damaged.


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